The long game

One of the first things I had to do as artist co-ordinator was create a programme of activities for the year ahead. Looking back on this now I would do it very differently.

When I drafted the first programme (in January) I felt a certain amount of (self-imposed) pressure to organise a lot of activities, as if more things happening would equate with success. I realise now that this is not what the job is about. I think it’s about the long game – building some strong foundations and really understanding how to engage young people. So research is an important aspect of this, and I think a really good way to research is to try things out in practice.

The things I have enjoyed recently are talking through ideas with people, like artists Jane Fordham and Jane Henderson, and teachers Giuseppe Iozzi and Dave Stephens. I much prefer this way of working – if I’m honest, I don’t have that much confidence in my own ideas, but then when I talk to other people they enable me to see not only their good ideas, but also the value of mine.


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