Word of mouth….

Well, the Young People’s preview is drawing closer. I had two very efficient meetings yesterday, the first with Laurence (Head of Communication) and the second with Stacey (Venue hire Manager).

Laurence and I were discussing ways of marketing/publicising the young people’s programme. I suspect I will have to bite the bullet and get involved in social media, which is something I have been doggedly resisting in both my personal and professional life for several years. But for the sake of the young people’s programme I am prepared to tweet!

Weirdly, the feedback Laurence had received from the B.Fest marketing group who he was working with last week, was that young people LIKE PIECES OF PAPER! Flyers, posters, things you can pick up and take away. This is good news to me as I got some flyers advertising the young people’s preview printed up. I have also sent out electronic versions of the flyer to my contacts – art teachers, friends, colleagues etc, as well as distributing the printed flyers to BYC, and posters and flyers to some other venues, and hopefully to Brighton and Hove libraries via the community engagement manager. The preview is listed on the events section of Fabrica’s website, and on the information boards in the gallery…. hopefully some young people, somewhere, will read them and come along!

But what actually makes someone want to attend an event? If I saw the flyer, would that make me want to come along? I doubt it, not if I didn’t know anything about Fabrica. The flyers are in black and white – I’d like to do colour ones in future. They’re more expensive, but it might be worth it, and I do have a printing budget. Laurence says the B.Fest marketing group told him that the kind of images which would attract them are images of people like themselves – i.e. young people. We don’t have many images of young people participating in events at Fabrica, so we need to build up a collection. Kevin (who’s involved in the Youth in Action project) has agreed to be official photographer at the preview next week. He will be able to upload the photos to Fabrica’s instagram account.

By far the most powerful form of recommendation for me is word of mouth. Someone telling me about an event, exhibition, film is often all the push I need to engage with it. At the moment I don’t think most young people know what Fabrica has to offer them, and trying to get this across is a big part of my role, I think.


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