Posted by Jane Henderson ( artist leader)


Workshop 1:

Workshop Poster     JHWorkshop25JHWorkshop06 JHWorkshop01JHWorkshop05

Jacob Dahlgren has assembled ‘things’ at Fabrica….On Balance is a co-comission with Brighton Festival and includes two works : Heaven is a Place on Earth & The Wonderful World of Abstraction, two delicately and delightfully titled installations re-configured for Fabricas unique space. The things are multiples….long lengths multi coloured ribbons and very shiny coloured weighing scales…arranged by the artist Dahlgren so that we see, consider, interact with and reflect on these mass produced objects in a completely different way. The intended function for these objects is obliterated by them being assembled as an ordered mass or field of objects . They become something else….and open up a whole new range of thought process, possibility and experience for us as we encounter them …and        interact with  them…assembled like this.

So…in our first workshop titled Theres always another way of looking at things …we did just that ! We looked around us and we looked at things in a different way …

We began with other multiple objects in the room….chairs..JHWorkshop13



..to be continued.



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