The last few weeks have been a mixture of small triumphs and disappointments.

To start with the bad news, I decided to cancel the last two of Jane’s workshops as we simply weren’t getting any young people attending. I am very obviously not getting my marketing right – and young people are a hard group to reach, notoriously so. This is a key aspect of my role which I’m failing at. But if it was really easy to engage young people then Fabrica wouldn’t have appointed a dedicated person to do this, so I am not too disheartened. The good news is that Jane and I agreed to deliver the final two workshop sessions at a later date. I’m grateful that she agreed to postpone the last two sessions as I really want young people to get the chance to work with her, and vice versa.

More good news is that I’ve made some interesting contacts in the last few weeks – someone who works for Nacro, and wants to bring the young people she works with along to Fabrica, and a woman who had signed her teenage son up for Jane Henderson’s workshops. This last contact has opened up the exciting possibility of working with young people who are home educated – not something that had occurred to me.

The icing on the cake was to receive by email Pearl’s two pieces of writing – a review of Jacob Dahlgren’s exhibition and a creative piece entitled Lost in Ribbons. Pearl is one of New Writing South’s Young Writer Squad, who visited the gallery a couple of weeks ago. Her writing has been posted on the Fabrica blog – here are links to both pieces…

On Balance Review by Pearl Ahrens

Lost in Ribbons by Pearl Ahrens





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