In Transition finale


On Tuesday we had the In Transition project’s finale screening , at the prestigious Dukes at Komedia cinema, in the centre of town. It was a fantastic success – we had a really good turn-out and a very appreciative audience. The films looked superb on the big screen and everyone was impressed by the extremely high standard of the films, including the films submitted by young filmmakers in Brighton and Hove as part of the project’s Open Submission strand.


Adam said to me afterwards, “I expected to be impressed, but not this impressed!” High praise indeed from Fabrica’s marketing intern.

Mike Roe (BYC chief exec, who secured the hire of the Komedia for the screening) was very happy with the event – he felt that it expanded young people’s ambitions and aspirations – it’s one thing to have your film shown in public at BYC, but why not get it shown in Fabrica, and then why not show it in a real cinema?! Mike told me that a young person said to him, “I wish I’d entered my film into the open submission, now.” I’m so glad we managed to hire the Komedia – at one point I thought it wouldn’t happen, but it was the perfect climax to our project.

For me the most valuable aspect of the project has been that Fabrica and BYC take seriously the young people we’ve been working with (Max, Kevin, Sam, Michael – collectively WeAreThePeopleToo). Speaking to some of their parents at our end-of-project celebration last night, they reinforced this feeling: this project has been real to them, in a way that the demands of school aren’t (even though GCSEs are important, the activities required to attain those qualifications don’t always seem meaningful to young people). As Max’s mum said, we have treated them as adults. I’ve always known this is what we aim to, but it was really gratifying to get this confirmation.Komedia3




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