Film Forum

We are ‘resurrecting’ the Film Forum at Fabrica. Actually, we are slightly reinventing it, as the previous Film Forum events were part of the In Transition project, and the new version is being organised by me in collaboration with Brighton Film School.

It was clear from In Transition that film is a powerful medium for young people, both as ‘consumers’ and makers. It makes sense to keep working in this area because it’s very accessible to young people and it ties in well with Fabrica’s programme of exhibitions (always at least one lens-based exhibition per year) and events (The GOA Film Club has been a massive success, often selling out and attracting an audience which spans the age range of Fabrica visitors).

I decided to approach Brighton Film School to see if they’d be interested in working together on this. Fabrica can provide a venue, an infrastructure, some funding and a contemporary art context, and they can provide specialist film knowledge and expertise. I also hoped that we could combine our mailing lists and marketing power.

Happily, Gary Barber (director of Brighton Film School) received my proposition with great enthusiasm and we have formed a small steering group consisting of 3 BFS students, Jack, Natalie and Nick, and Jamie and Sally from the In Transition project. The first event will be taking place on Monday evening, facilitated by the steering group.

The popcorn machine has been hired and we’re raring to go…



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