Film Forum Reborn!

WatchingVideo1 WatchingVideo2Our first Film Forum, held at Fabrica on Monday 13th October, was a great success. The team – Nick, Jack, Natalie, Sally and Jamie, did an excellent job planning the running order of the event, and Nick and Jack made sure everything ran smoothly on the night, introducing each film and facilitating the discussions.

We had 26 people attend the event, which was a good turn-out. The majority of the audience was from Brighton Film School and we’d like to work on drawing an audience from further afield in future, but this is a really good start.  It’s one of the reasons I wanted to work with the Film School in any case, as I know they work with a group of young people interested in films and filmmaking.

As well as screening three short films – a music video and a narrative film and an experimental film – we also showed two “making of” documentaries, which included behind the scenes footage. These were really interesting and helped promote dialogue, as the audience got an insight into how the films were made; they raised some questions which could then be answered in the ensuing discussion.

Programmed into the running order was some time to mingle. Jack, Nick and Natalie had brought along some of the equipment they used to create their video (like the water tank below), and the Film School had dropped off a green screen and jib earlier in the day for people to take a look at.

ColourInTank HandBehindScreen



Here is the feedback we received from the audience:

“great event – play videos twice – after ‘making of'”
“I love the idea of the competition, I think it’s a great way to involve us. It’s nice seeing what’s to come for us so cheers!”
“Really good concept. I think there is a need to show more videos. It was maybe a bit too brief.”
“Great use of the space and set up. Film competition would be good. Perhaps assign a loose brief? Overall, good night.”
“Competition is a good idea.”
“Great initiative, I look forward to the next meet up and having a competition is a great idea.”
“More drink and free food.”

The next Film Forum is on Monday 10th November, 4.30-6.30pm. We are going to be focussing on the editing process, looking at how the editing process can create radically different versions of the same footage.  We’ll also be launching our competition.

Everyone who loves films or filmmaking is welcome to come along!




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