November’s Film Forum

The latest Film Forum took place on Monday 10th November, and was another very successful event. This time we were looking at the power of editing and how to use this tool to get the best out of your film. You don’t need to be a computer whizz to make something look professional, just good story telling skills!

Jack, Natalie and Nick had put in a huge amount of work preparing for the session, filming a couple of sample scenes and re-cutting them to communicate different messages. I realise I’m not the target audience, but I’m really enjoying the sessions and I’m learning a lot, including what is meant by ‘restricted and unrestricted narrative’.

To illustrate this story-telling device, Nick shot a short film with two characters and a suitcase. By omitting a crucial first scene in one version, and then including it in the second version, he created two very different narratives.

The message from Jack’s short film shot on the beach (pictured below) was, “make the editing work for you – don’t edit just for the sake of it”. He showed how the scene with fewer edits created a stronger sense of engagement with the main character compared to the version in which he’d made many cuts.

IMG_0597Here is some of the audience feedback we received:

“Great sessions – more table activities, more Q & A”

“More Flash Player” (I’ve now updated Flash player on our laptop!)

“Really good event, Possibility of showing different ways sound can influence a film.”

“More space between rows” (we’ll remember this when we lay the chairs out next time.)

“Loved it! But it needs pizza.” (Can’t argue with this!)

“Never know what to write with these things, but thanks and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bring more actors if possible!!”

“Oxygen in the room could of been thinner. Free toilet paper.” (I can assure you, Fabrica does not charge for toilet paper…)

Our next event is on Monday 8th December, 4.30-6.30pm. All young filmmakers, film enthusiasts, actors, directors, musicians, writers, artists – anyone remotely interested in film welcome!


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