RAW workshops

Raw11 Raw04In February Jane Fordham and I ran the second of our RAW workshops. These are practical workshops for art teachers, which aim to provide a nourishing experience that leaves participants feeling creatively stimulated and energised.

The first workshop took place at the end of the summer during Monika Grzymala’s exhibition. At that session we focused on drawing, exploring the many ways of making a drawing, it’s purpose and function, and looked at a broad range of artists stretching the boundaries of what might be considered a ‘drawing’, not least Grzymala herself.

Raw05For this second session in February there was no exhibition to use as a starting point, so Jane and I decided the workshop would focus on working collaboratively on the construction of a 3-d environment and explore ways of translating this into 2 dimensions and text. This was Jane’s idea, which I responded to enthusiastically – possibly because it’s quite similar to my own way of working (without the collaborative aspect)! Each person worked individually on their own piece, and near the end of the workshops we brought all our work together into one assemblage, constructed on a rotating turntable in the corner of the gallery. As always, what is fascinating is the way each person’s work is so individual, despite coming from the same starting point and using broadly the same materials.

Raw10 Raw08

The group seemed hungry for more workshops in a similar vein. They enjoyed meeting and working alongside their peers (other art teachers from the city, some of whom knew each other, others who didn’t) and they really appreciated being given space to work creatively and NOT think about the curriculum, exams and grades.

Raw02 Raw03 Raw05 Raw06

Raw01 Raw09


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