Writing the ‘Young People’s Report’

For the past few months I have been working on a report for Fabrica, detailing the work with young people undertaken during Time and Place (TAP), the project which funded my Artist Youth Coordinator work.

TAP involved 5 different organisations (Fabrica, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, Norwich; Frac Basse-Normandie; Museé des Beaux Arts, Calais and the Jardin des Arts in Calais), all of whom extended their work with young people during the 3-year duration of the project.

I have to admit that at times writing the report brought me close to tears! The sheer volume of work produced by the partner organisations was huge, and my first task was to try and understand exactly what had happened. The saving grace was that the work itself was so fascinating. There are distinct variations in the way the different organisations work, as well as common themes and concerns. How to hear young people’s voices and provide a place for expression is an important issue for all organisation. Similarly the human, personal and reflective aspects of art and creativity is valued by the young people the organisations have worked with.

My report is now complete and is currently being laid out by Fabrica’s designer, after which it will be posted on the TAP blog where you will be able to download a copy and read all 8,500 words!


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